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Eris, Goddess of Discord and Chaos or Seeking Balance, Harmony and Justice?

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Eris, Goddess of Discord and Chaos or Seeking Balance, Harmony and Justice?

Eris is a dwarf planet in our solar system that was discovered in 2005 and named after the Greek goddess of strife and discord, Eris. In astrology, the placement of Eris in one's natal chart can represent the area of life where one experiences conflict and discord.

She represents the shadow side of our personality, the part of ourselves that we may not be aware of or acknowledge, which can cause trouble and turmoil. She is associated with chaos, discord, and upheaval, manifesting in various ways depending on her placement in your chart.

Eris's mythology includes the story of the golden apple, which she threw into a gathering of goddesses at a wedding banquet on Mount Olympia, crying "for the fairest of them all". This caused a dispute among the goddesses, vying for the title of fairest, which ultimately led to the Trojan War. This myth is a metaphor for the destructive power of jealousy and envy associated with Eris. However, what Eris was doing in throwing that Apple was pointing to the petty jealousy and envy amongst the other goddesses, something she had been accused of and a reason she had not been invited to the wedding! Take note of the theme of injustice here.

Regarding astrological significance, Eris represents the part of ourselves that is rebellious, independent, and unapologetically true to who we are. She can also represent the areas of our lives where we may feel like outsiders, rebels or experience conflict with authority figures. Ultimately, Eris seeks justice, balance and harmony. Where she does not find it, she may bring chaos and discord, highlighting the need for us to explore our internal disharmony.

For example, suppose Eris is in your 10th house of career. In that case, you may experience tension and conflict in your professional life, particularly with authority figures like bosses or managers. On the other hand, your work in the world might be concerned with dealing with injustice, calling it out and campaigning for the rights of others. Suppose Eris is in your 7th house of partnerships. In that case, you may struggle to maintain harmonious relationships with others or attract partners who are rebellious or unconventional. Either way, creating harmony and balance within yourself will ensure your relationships align with your true nature.

Wherever the powerful goddess Eris sits in your birth chart, there is no need to fear her ultimate goal of justice, balance, and harmony. She represents a fascinating astrological point that can give insight into the areas of our lives where we may experience conflict and discord - the shadow side of our personality- and represents the parts of ourselves that we may not be aware of or acknowledge. By understanding the placement of Eris in our natal chart, we can gain insight into our tendencies towards rebellion, independence, and conflict and use this knowledge to work towards greater harmony and balance in our lives.

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